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9. Hoge Basic school, Rotary building
(Hoge basisschool, Rotary gebouw):

Quite soon after opening the Hoge basic school it turned out to be too small to contain all pupils. That is why another school building has been erected with financial support from the Rotary Voorne-Putten and Rozenburg. This support was raised also with the results of the Groot Dictee (Grand Dictation, a writing competition) that was organized in favor of Joy of a Toy in 2007. The building is based on the same design as the first school building, this time however all five rooms are planned to be class rooms. The basic school altogether consists of nine class rooms, exactly matching the number of grades 1 to 9. Two sessions of teaching per day to parallel teaching groups is the solution for coping with the great number of children.
The building bears the name “Rotary”, this not being a combination of Rot and Arie.

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