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Welcome Mission

The world is incomprehensible. There are now more than 600 000 AIDS orphans in Zambia. No father, no mother. “Outside a child is remembering her mother. She tries to lift her little sister, but she doesn’t have the strength. Her sister starts crying.”
The children of Zambia don’t realize that they are dying. The only thing left for us is to change the world. You can only understand the world after it has been changed.
Life is more than DVD’s and mobile phones. Life is what you want it to be. The third world doesn’t exist. There is only one world. And every child in this world has got the right to live. It doesn’t matter what you have. What matters is what you do. The children of Africa are dying. And everybody knows that they are dying. Listen to your heart and act, because they are your children too.

This is Judy. She is innocent. Soon she will lose
her mother. AIDS is a terrible disease. It is a disaster.
But look at this child. Look at her and see that she is
divine. Look at this child and see her power. She is
still smiling. You can see the rainbow in her eyes.
And we have to make sure that the rainbow stays.
That is our duty.

This world can be better. If you really care.

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